Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hey it's OK, Tuesday

I made it back! Bet you thought I was going to forget about the blog, AGAIN. Nope, not this time.  But I am not going write a whole lot this week and HEY IT'S OK!

It is my birthday this week, 45. I feel like that is a crappy number and it is just sitting there, staring at me.  I used to love my birthday. Not so much anymore.  Bring me cake and maybe we'll talk about it.

But it has to be this CAKE!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hey, it's OK TUESDAY!

The idea behind this post today comes from "Airing my dirty laundry, one sock at time." She got this idea to give yourself a break, HEY IT'S OK!

So you know what I don't cook dinner when it's just #15 and I at home. I wonder sometimes if she is going to be more warped than she already.  She is the kid I let eat ice cream for breakfast and wear goggles and flippers all summer when she was 4.  I just can't see the point in cooking for her and I.  I really don't know how to cook that small.  So we eat a lot of cereal and lean cuisine.  But HEY IT'S OK, we don't starve. 

I hate to take a shower in the winter time.  There I said it.  I don't smell.  My hair gets greasy but that's what a ball cap is for, right?  Not like a week at a time, but every other day.  My mother would DIE if she was not already dead.  Not to sound harsh but she was the QUEEN OF CLEAN.  Example, we moved to the South Carolina from California when all 6 of us kids where young.  With her handy dandy travel trailer she bathed every child, every night for the entire move.  My dad spent a lot of time frustrated I suppose.  I think that move took us 7 years days to get there.  But HEY IT'S OK, she was happy!

I still have my Christmas decorations up.  OK, that's not ok.


Another Monday...

Just another Monday here at Casa Loco, but wait for it...Twenty Thousand Fourteen! Where has time gone? I am not even going to bother with that question, it's to rhetorical for my simple mind right now.  I do know I have had a super busy year.  I have been super blessed but at the same time tried in ways I never could have imagined.  Never in my crazy, upside-down, chaotic and unpredictable life did I think I would have had a year like 2013.  And never have I ever been so glad to see a year in my rearview mirror.  I am not saying it was all bad, but yes it sucked in a very big, no good, utterly emotional way.  Now with that said I also was able to see my blessings.  Amen.

I was going to take this blog down a coupe of weeks ago.  I never write anymore and I don't even think 2.5 of you still visit to see if I have written.  But then as I was being emotionally shredded to bits as my Dad brought to my attention some stupid incident,  he ends the conversation with a copy of a post I wrote. He cared enough to print it out and keeps it handy, I guess.  So I am going to believe it does matter that I write.  I will keep writing and publishing what I write. Although 2013 will stay in my unpublished file here.

Here is my Top 10 things of what 2013 taught me...

1.    Breathe.
2.    Gain composure before speaking to others about personal topics.
3.    Not everything is as it seems (DUH-AH!).
4.    I can eat an elephant.
5.    I have learned to chew with my mouth closed.
6.    I don't care for elephant no matter how it is served.
7.    If I have to trust someone the Hubs is always a good choice.
8.    I like the Hubs for a friend.
9.    I need my family.
10.  I need to smile more.

Well today I will clean my bathroom, take a shower, go pick-up #15 and drop off the rest of the drill team candle order.
(*photo found via the internet)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My funny Valentine and a smelly fart...

So I have this really sweet friend from High School who has a blog, VinDeeLoo's.  She is a super crafty crafter.  She has started making cards and I LOVE to make cards. I love them so so much that I have an entire art studio dedicated to making cards.  I have enough paper and rubber stamps that if I never bought another thing I could stamp 4-EVEER!  So she shares the things she does.  Me, well I let mine collect in a box and I hoard them.  You could maybe call it that. Here are some of the gift bags I made last year.  I am going to try and sell a few.

And if I don't sell them I might just throw a couple of these in there...

And then pass them out to all of the judgmental ladies who throw some looks at my daughter like they smelled a really bad fart. You know that look I am talking about. You know that smell I am talking about.  Well I do believe that breastfeeding in your car, with the tinted windows rolled up, feeding your 2 month old daughter gives people no reason to make that smelly fart face. Maybe it was just her upper lip that smelled.  And yes I made the Boobie Beanie also. 

So don't judge a mother for doing what she feels is best for her baby.  And go look at my friends page for her awesome crafty crafts.