Hey, it's OK TUESDAY!

The idea behind this post today comes from "Airing my dirty laundry, one sock at time." She got this idea to give yourself a break, HEY IT'S OK!

So you know what I don't cook dinner when it's just #15 and I at home. I wonder sometimes if she is going to be more warped than she already.  She is the kid I let eat ice cream for breakfast and wear goggles and flippers all summer when she was 4.  I just can't see the point in cooking for her and I.  I really don't know how to cook that small.  So we eat a lot of cereal and lean cuisine.  But HEY IT'S OK, we don't starve. 

I hate to take a shower in the winter time.  There I said it.  I don't smell.  My hair gets greasy but that's what a ball cap is for, right?  Not like a week at a time, but every other day.  My mother would DIE if she was not already dead.  Not to sound harsh but she was the QUEEN OF CLEAN.  Example, we moved to the South Carolina from California when all 6 of us kids where young.  With her handy dandy travel trailer she bathed every child, every night for the entire move.  My dad spent a lot of time frustrated I suppose.  I think that move took us 7 years days to get there.  But HEY IT'S OK, she was happy!

I still have my Christmas decorations up.  OK, that's not ok.



I love cereal for dinner! Or eggs! Or anything simple.

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