Momma Guns...

I have them do you? I don't flex them often but when I better hope your not on the wrong end of my guns. I have never been one of "those" mothers. You know the kind I am talking about. They sit waiting for the principal or their child's teacher just about every other day. They want to resolve the conflict before the child is affected by it. They are the ones who will go so far as to sit in observation of the school disguised as a volunteer or class mom. Now don't start hate'n on me just yet. I have acted as a room mother, a volunteer and even on the PTO board. But not to protect my child from the life situations, ones that I believe will make them better members of society by experiencing.

This situation is different. The teacher in the situation is one of the few members of academia that need not be in the profession. Not because he/she is not a qualified teacher, but because they don't have the communication skills and consideration required to just BE NICE.

#14 misses ALOT of school due to the nature of her illness. She also maintains an A/B honor roll status. This teacher would not allow her to make up a 6 week test because he saw her at twirling practice on the same day of an absence when she received an immuno-therapy treatment. So instead of explaining to #14 what he observed and asking her about it he gave her an incomplete. While an incomplete is an opportunity to make up your missing assignments he FAILED to explain that to her. She was suspended from her extra activities for 3 weeks. When at the end of the 3 weeks she went to check her grade she was told she now had an F and would be unable to to make up the missed test because if she is well enough to twirl she should come to school. After several discussions with the principal I have a conference face to face with said teacher. And if we can't resolve this THIS AFTERNOON I see the superintendent. I have called an attorney and he will be happy to make the 4 hour plane ride to attend our local school board meeting. And the teacher is invited to attend as well.

So I want your opinion (PLEASE COMMENT). Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill. Expecting the school to make allowances for a child with a medical condition so that she may be able to participate in the extra activities as she is able? I am fired up and my adrenalin is pumping. And for a person with any type of BI (brain injury) you should know that adrenalin is like heroin. It feels good, makes you strong and you don't want to give it up. With that said I know the crash will come in a day or so and I just don't want to regret anything I may say or do.


Julie said…
Stick to your guns. Don't let them just sweep this under the table.
Hi Dee, You are right on!! It is really none of the teacher's business why she was at twirling yet missed his quiz. The only thing he needs to know is that she was excused for MEDICAL purposes and that should grant her the opportunity to make up the missed exam! Teachers like this really steam me! I used to be one of 'those' parents who would make sure my kids paid for their mistakes, handled what life gave them, yet I was there to make those in authority toe the line and do their job. You go girl!!
Jerushia said…
good for you for fighting for her!!! if you don't who will?
Jerushia said…
good for you for fighting for her!!! if you don't, who will?

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