Friday, February 1, 2013

Flash Back Friday

I have always loved to send my girls a valentine each year. So yesterday#18 says don't even send me a pity valentine.  You know cause #14 gets one like almost every year. 
This was 2007, yes, 2nd grade and her first valentine from a boy. 
Well # 14 is in a pickle right now between the whole boy-girl, girl-boy thing right now.  She is trying with all her mighty might to keep our home rules,  (A) No dating till your 16, (B) No exclusive boyfriends till your 18 and (C) Group date.  Get to know how to act around members of the opposite sex.  Learn how to have a face to face conversation with them.  You don't have to suck face to enjoy each others company. 
Cause trust me little sister, nothing worse than getting to know that the super hot guy with the awesome car and nice parachute pants with a big base stereo in the back of his Iroc Z,
is really not into having a good conversation over dinner in a restaurant that is not a drive thru.
No thank you Mr. Big Mac.

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Anonymous said...

she has grown so much... this is Bille , Dylan thomas !!!! Please come find us on face book or emial its been years since ive seen yall!!!