Well here are.  How could I better follow up that gratitude for my Mama than to talk about my Dad.
If you were to look up the word
there might be a picture of my Dad.  He can be a surley fellow, I gurentee IT!  But on the other side of that coin, underneath all that rust and crud is a man made of gold.  He would give you what you need, if you ask.  He has more skills than anyone I have ever known.  If anything in our house was broken, he fixed it.  There was never any question.  And if he could not fix it and it had to be replaced well he saved the salvage for another "project".  There are to many projects from my childhood to remember and mention but let me share this one recent with you.

A couple of years ago I was asked volunteered to shoot the photos at #13's dance studio.  I really needed a backdrop.  Being that I am as cheap resourceful as he is I knew I could come up with a different plan than purchasing the kit online.  I figured a PVC pipe frame with my cloths would be awesome.  And I asked for his help.  After much consideration and planning he said wait and let's see what I have in the "garage".  So he shows up the night before I need it with the most solid and sturdy, metal frame.  It comes apart and is numbered like a tent frame, AH-HA!!  About 35 years ago we had a big canvas family tent.  The tent eventuality rotted away.  But he being one not to throw things away had said tent poles.

He was willing to drive his 6 children across the US in 1983.  To a place they had never even visited.  To a place in the county.  A place that in his mind would put his family "In the world, but not of the world".  I don't remember how long it took to get there.  But what a sacrafice to leave the comfort zone of everything he and my mother had known their whole life to give their children a better shot at a cleaner life, that was their plan.

Somtimes I get so frustrated with him.  But I love him more than to make up for it.   I am his first born.  I cook for him when he is missing my Mother.  He talk's me down from the tree when I need my Mother. I am that fruit that did'nt fall far from the tree.

As awesome as he is there are some problems having a Dad like him.  Not problems for him but for the man I married.  I constantly hold him to an expectation of being able to do things like my Dad.  Guess what, I did not marry a man like my Dad.  Handsome Husband see things thru a different pair of goggles. (I say goggles cause we are talking guy stuff here)  But I love my HH for who he is and what he does, ya know he IS the Father of my Daughters.


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