My funny Valentine and a smelly fart...

So I have this really sweet friend from High School who has a blog, VinDeeLoo's.  She is a super crafty crafter.  She has started making cards and I LOVE to make cards. I love them so so much that I have an entire art studio dedicated to making cards.  I have enough paper and rubber stamps that if I never bought another thing I could stamp 4-EVEER!  So she shares the things she does.  Me, well I let mine collect in a box and I hoard them.  You could maybe call it that. Here are some of the gift bags I made last year.  I am going to try and sell a few.

And if I don't sell them I might just throw a couple of these in there...

And then pass them out to all of the judgmental ladies who throw some looks at my daughter like they smelled a really bad fart. You know that look I am talking about. You know that smell I am talking about.  Well I do believe that breastfeeding in your car, with the tinted windows rolled up, feeding your 2 month old daughter gives people no reason to make that smelly fart face. Maybe it was just her upper lip that smelled.  And yes I made the Boobie Beanie also. 

So don't judge a mother for doing what she feels is best for her baby.  And go look at my friends page for her awesome crafty crafts.


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