Here is what I am doing...

Nothing and EVERYTHING.  Brain is on downtime but trying to get up the courage to write more.  The last two posts took it out of me.  My Dad came over and it made him teary eyed.  And it broke my heart.  I write to express and I guess we are not expressive people, the tribe I come from.  Yet I managed to be the Drama Queen in the family cause thats how I roll.  But back to the brain thing, I am down on function.  No Pie.  See well all have energy pie.  You for example only use about 50 percent of your pie, even on the most hectic day.  I, on the other hand have 50 percent left after my injury.  So when life is hectic I eat all my pie.  But I am in the kitchen and "baking" per say.

Oh and remember all thoses "KEEP CALM" campaign posters?  Well I made up one of my own and will share tomorrow!


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