Over-Used Recipe Swap 2010

I found out about this awesome link up today. This blog here SIMPLY MODERN MOM, is trying to link up to 365 family favorite dinner time recipes by Sunday March 7, 2010.

Do you remember my dish we shall just call CASSEROLE ? Well that is the that is my go-to dish as a family favorite that my kids love and is great for re-heat. In fact that is what is for dinner tonight. It's funny I think that there seems to be a general consensus of ideas floating around on the Internet right now. I noticed just a little while ago a good friend from Wyoming was looking for yummy dinner ideas on Face Book earlier this afternoon, (find anything yummy Julie?).

So go take a look, and upload your favorite. What a great go-to place in your menu planning. It is always great to try something new that others have tried before, AND like.


Julie said…
Actually I didn't....not at least that would be yummy for me AND the kids. We are having chicken noodle soup (from a can). I just forgot to take stuff out of the freezer early enough to have it defrosted. I am going to do better tomorrow.
Found your blog through Follow Friday! Looks great :)

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