I hate casseroles. I really really hate them. But due to the extreme schedule of #14, and #10 I have found myself cooking them this past two weeks. So as I sit here wondering if I should go heat up some leftovers, cause that is all casseroles are really good for, right?, I'll share the recipe for the one I made tonight. It has not a name but a simple Potato, Corn and Hamburger will do.

10 large potatoes scrubbed and sliced, layerd in a 9 X 13 pan
2 pounds of ground beef, browned and drained
Add to the beef 2 cans of tomato soup, 2 cans of water and one can of Ro-Tel Tomatoes
Add 3 cans of corn on top of the sliced potatoes in a large casserole dish
pour your soupy beef and tomato mixture over this
cover and bake at 350 for about 1 hour
uncover and bake about 30 more minutes
then cover with grated cheese till bubbly
let it set for about 15 minutes
dig in.

This was one of my least favorite casseroles growing up, but my family loves it. Even the Handsome Husband likes it, and he can not stand my cooking. I believe it is the middle sister in my family that liked this. And tonight my Dad payed me a rare compliment, he said it was better than my Mom's. Enough Said.


Jerushia said…
It is my FAVORITE. One of the only casseroles I like. My fam is only so so on it :(
Peggy said…
Oh! This look so good!! I would love it, if you would share this, & any other recipes you may have, on my recipe link up.

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