Today should really be Wordless Wednesday.
But today I am grateful for words.
They give me the ability to communicate.
I have the ability to speak, read and write.
I can tell my family I love them.
I can hurt with them.
I can express my needs with them.
I can give comfort with them.
Not every word that comes out of my lovely mouth is oh so lovely but they come out none the less.

I can not begin to imagine a world Oh RIGHT I can imagine a time not so long ago when words made no sense.  Words can be confusing.  I can understand the tantrum of a two year old who is frustrated at not being able to communicate with the right words.  I had to work long and hard with the help from a most awesome speech therapist to re-learn, to understand and use those words.  I still get confused and have trouble communicating my thoughts at times but I am grateful for the words.

So here a a picture for Wordless Wednesday, but here are also a few words to explain how I feel about this photo...



Julie said…
I totally love this post! I can't imagine life without words, but yet I still don't understand the frustration of my 2 yr olds when they can't tell me what they want. Thank you for your thought today. They mean a lot.

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