Good morning world.  I am starting this first day of November with The 30 days of Gratitude, again.  We will see if I can follow through with that commitment.  In looking for a quote to place on my above photo I went to  And wow if that is the way the world out there really views the word then we are in more trouble than they preach at a Mormon revival meetin'!  It's crazy I tell ya, just go a lookin for yer selves.  But the reason I am grateful today is the Handsome Man who became my Handsome Husband.  We have been there, done that. Faced the thick and thin.  Cried a river and built the bridge to get over it.  Saying all that do I think it's going to be smooth sailing from here on out, HECK TO THE NO.  Our life was just not cut from that cloth.  But knowing he is committed to me and I to him makes all the difference in my life and I am humbled and grateful to be his Wicked Wonder Wife.


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