Acute Myeloid Leukemia

OK so Cancer Sucks.  I hate Cancer.  It has reached into my family way more times than I care to count.  But here's the deal...

My Brother-In-Law is fighting for his life, literally.  He is a husband, and father.  He has two little girls.  He is not a smoker, or a drinker.  He is a body builder.  He lives a very healthy lifestyle.  Except for this one little flaw.  And he may die from from that flaw.  Like I said Cancer SUCKS.

So in an effort to raise funds for his care and the family's needs we are holding an online auction.  If you feel so inclined please go and bid.  Or we will take donations till Wednesday night.  We would like a few more items that are not services or non-perishable items.  We can mail them anywhere.

Just to give you a little heads up Nate is a HUGE fan of The Punisher.  Sister-In-Law Maggie has made up wrist bands for a small donation that say PUNISH CANCER.  She is also very talented and silk screened up some hospital gowns for him with the Punisher on them while he spent the last 5 months in the hospital at PSL in Denver, Co.  Aggressive Chemo and a Bone Marrow Transplant have left him in worse shape than when this all started.  Yet he refuses to give into the pain and continues to fight.  The doctors have given up on him but we won"t.

Yeah it is rare.  And it sucks.


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