Do you realize I forgot my password to my blog?  It has been almost 3 months since I have been here.  Summer rushed in with such a burst of gusto my shorts was on fire!  And I heard Satan called and wants his weather back cause its been like 20 days over 100 degrees in a row here.  Also heard hell was freezing over due to my agreement with the handsome husband to limit my commitments to others.

But with that said here what #12 and I have been up to...THE WIZARD OF OZ!!  Yes folks, life has come full circle for this Emerald City fan.  Back when I was like 12 I played Glinda the Good in the Primary Production of OZ back home in Glendora California!  That was all it took and I was bitten.  I have loved the theater ever since.  Where ever I am able to be in the theater I LOVE IT!  So I figured I would try for Glinda again, HA!  Guess who I got (drumroll please.....Auntie Em!  (me so not laughing, I am not old enough to play her)  But seriously I am having a blast.  # 12 is enjoying her part as a flying Monkey.  I designed and made the monkey costumes.  It has been so much fun but this weekend is the final run and I will be glad to be done.


Renee Campbell said…
PS, I think we have been over 100 for like 50 days!! Your readers should know you aren't exaggerating! LOL
Julie said…
Looking good! I remember when you let us borrow a Dorothy costume one Halloween. Man I miss you and all your ideas for Halloween and the costumes that you had in your collection.
Jessica said…
I had no idea you did theater! So much fun!

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