Good day May 1st!  Are you doing the May Day Dance??  Well neither are we, haha!  Here at the Casa Loca it has been a roller coaster of snot and mayhem.  I have had Ecoli Pneumonia, HOW you ask did I come in contact with that you ask?  Well I have my opion but since I have come to realize that more than 2.5 people actually read this blog I will refrain from speculation.  But needless to say it sucked, BAD.  I am feeling better except for the migraine I have had for the past 24 hours.  Thank you Mother Nature.

Most of you know where we live here in North Texas.  We caught the front half of the storm cell that caused the devastating tornado's throughout the south.  Here is a link to one photographers view of what happened and her journey to document it. Amanda Chapman Photography  I have only been through one tornado in my life and it was enough to cause me to panic every single time we go from a watch to warning status.  I can not even begin to imagine how to rebuild from somthing like this, but I can tell you off all the people interviewed it was the one little lady who thanked God for sparing her life.  Giving her a chance to rebuild that inspired me.  Not complaining of the loss, but praising the grace.  Amen.

It was also interesting to watch the our nations response to the Royal Wedding of William And Catherine (formerly know as Kate).  I love a real life fairy tale, as I am sure so many do.  It was beautiful and moving to see such a public couple in love.  BUT, let me say this...It struggled to get caught up in the ceramony when I knew so many were suffering.  And it made me think.  About how many of us get so caught up in our own "ceramonies" when there is such a need in our own communities.  Don't get me wrong, I care about the african villages, but I care more about the children in my own community who go without dinner.  And the lunch in school is the only balanced meal they get.  And I ask how do I help? 

I have had so many thoughts I have wanted to write about lately.  And I wonder, if I throw them out there to the universe to read will it help?  Or is it true is blogging just a narsasistic way of fulfiling a self imposed need to feel that I have done something?  I will have to be the judge of that.

But on a lighter note, I have found the batteries to my camara and will return to one of my loves.  And hopefully be posting more photos.  And that bread I posted a pic of, it was good.  And I have not baked any since, LOL.  I have kinda fell of my baking band wagon.  I have been back in the garden when the weather allows.  We have had allot of really bad spring storms. But the rain is appriecated. 

I feel my meds started to work so I better take advantage while they do.  I'll be back, I promise.


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