Doing the Safety Dance....(and other things)

Spring is in the air and I feel like dancing!
Sunday is the offical " 1st day of SPRING" but I have been working in my gardens like crazy, early this year. But the unfortunate thing about that is I fear we are going to have a dry summer. I am already having to water every other day. Stormy weather feels like it is just around the corner and then fails to "brew up".

I have been on one heck of a rollercoster ride friends! I let my depakote levels get out of control and thus so did my seizures. Many major events took place and it took its toll. But all seems to be back where it belongs, I think.

One major decision we have made as a family has been that the brick and morter of the public school system here in our ISD is not a place best suited for our girls. So we will be pulling them out of "school" and placing them in the K12 online public education program. No they will not be "home schoolers", I do not feel I could manage that, but will receive their classes online with state standards and testing. We have thought long and hard about this, given it much prayer and know we are making the right decision for our family. Now let me say this, I have felt judged by both sides of the FENCE with our decision. Traditional educators think we are going the ultra conservative home school route and shown their distain. I have felt judged by some home school parents as not quite ready to comit myself and being weak minded. The circumstances leading to this decision have been unexcusable, vile, vulgar, and just plain unacceptable in a school. I am talking about our high school directly. And these are not even the instances of bullying we have dealt with in the band. When your child is the only female in a section and the band director chooses to not pay attention you can't change that. You can't change that there are not enough eyes and ears to control an already over crowded classroom. But I can control the setting in which my children will receive their education, the same education that every child in the state of Texas is entiteled too. Just don't judge my family.

So is that enough for today all 2.5 of my lovley readers. I have missed writing and being able to go back and use this as my daily or weekly journal. It helps. I was talking with the Handsome Husband that this has been the biggest setback since my head injury 10 years ago. I feel like almost 3 months were yanked out from under me. But our family is surviving. Both #16 and #12 are super busy and driving me crazy. #16 has become involved in The Creative Arts Center theater class. She will be performing in the spring production of Sherlock Holmes. #12 is getting ready for the Blue Grass Festival Clogging this weekend. Dance Competion is right aroud the corner and then Spring Show. #16 will also be a full fledged, licenced DRIVER in April. So buckle up and stay safe!


Jessica said…
just wanted to let you know you can add me to your 2.5 count

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