Another Monday

for REAL this time!!  But it is a much better day I tell you.  Still a Monday that always includes the normal weekend clean-up and agitation.  But I wanted to take a minute and share with you a few of the uplifting holiday festivities we have participated in this past week or so.  You see I was truly feeling like a GRINCH.  But something happened on a Thursday night week before last...

I attended the community tree lighting service on our town square.  I have never been to one before, not had the time.  It was AMAZING.  The message from our Mayor, well it simply surprised me.  At a time in this world were it is NOT politically correct to mention God and State, he did.  He recognized our Savior and the message of his birth as the true meaning of this season.  When there was a simple Carole sung and one candle lit it touched something deep within me. 

Then another candle was lit as another voice joined in.  This continued as the whole crowd lit candles and joined in the carols.  As we finished and stood for a silent moment in the candle light my heart was filled with a tiny flame of hope that the true meaning of Christmas was not lost in the retail of the HOLIDAZE!  Then with one voice we counted down from 10, as we reached one we blew out the flame and our town square was lit-up the the magic of Christmas in Bonham, the lighted Town Square.  We still have one of those here in our small community.  And that is the beginning of my story.


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