Another Monday...

Well not really but it sure in the heck feels like it.  This week has been one that feels like sand slipping between my fingers and trying to catch it with a sieve.  Projects a many and time not so plenty.  Last night I got the privilege of having dinner served to me by #15 (OH ALMOST #16)(least we forget) and #12.  It was there gift of service to me.  If was a fine meal of soup and salad, combined with joyful table conversation from my dinner companions.  I think it was the first meal I have sat down and at at a table since Thanksgiving.  Well at least it has felt like that. 

I have 2 photo shoots to finish editing next on my list, and that does not include our own family ones.  You would think that after 17 years of trying to finally having a family picture and succeed in getting one I would have had it done the same day, twas not so I am am afraid. 

The baking list is still sitting on the counter, but the tree is up and the Santa Sacks are hung by the chimney.  If I can get thru next week, I will have time to relax and enjoy my family home a little bit more.  But this is it for today.  Oh and BTW if any one of the 2.5 of you who read this know a sure fire way to get rid reoccurring sinus infection please let us know, it has been really bad this year!


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