I love this time of year. 
We talked as a family tonight about putting up the tree and when we will do it.  I have been pretty hit or miss the past several years.  My Mom always put her tree up on the first Monday of December.  Then, that evening for Family Home Evening we set up the Nativity under the tree.  I used to carry on that tradition until my Brain Injury in 2000.  I always had an evergreen with all the "family" ornaments.  The strings of green and red wooden beads and white lights.  We have a red velvet Santa on top with small red velvet bows on the tree.  I do not have any memory of that first 2 Christmases after my injury.  By the third year, well I wanted a PURPLE tree.  And Handsome Husband was accommodating.  But we could not find a purple one, so I settled for purple ornaments instead.  Purple and gold in fact, very reminiscent of my Grand Mother Dorothy, my Mom's Mom.  Very very SHINY and SPARKLY!  (if you knew me pre-TBI not very "me")  And thus began my love affair with the shiny sparkly garish Christmas Traditions that my family now dreads.  Oh and did I mention that I don't let those children of mine touch the tree anymore?  Each ornament has to be perfect.  I have a hard time if they are not symmetrical.  And did I mention that I also have a tree that is SILVER with shiny red and green balls, very Dr. Seuss my girls call it.  And it also now seems to change every year this way or that.  In fact we have 4 trees, HA!

So this year...Christmas 2010, the 10 year anniversary of the Brian Injury, I declare that I will disband all that glitters, (well most, give me a break!) and go dig deep into my reserve of Christmas past and open up the wonder of tradition that my family claims to miss and love.  The wooden beads, the velvet bows, the childhood ornaments for years gone.

It the words of Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat cake DECORATE!"  But cake is not a bad idea either!


Jessica said…
A non-sparkly tree? that's just wrong!

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