Running outta gas...

Well here we are on Thanksgiving Eve.  I really did not intend to quit posting on the blog.  But here's the scoop.

I the computer caught a virus, I believe it was called "Think Smart".  It got past my Norton.  I had to reformat the hard drive and take the whole think back to factory settings.  Then spent an ENTIRE friggin day installing all my software.  The computer is still not acting completely stable, but I will take what I can get at the moment.  As a family I came to realize we spend way to much time on this little beasty.  But another post on that later.

Time has swept itself upon me and here we are.  And it is the night of the Tijuana Dog at the Casa Loca.  Join us if your in town and we guarantee you'll laugh and fart all the way home!!

So from our home to yours have a very Thankful Thanksgiving!


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