In my crafty dreams...

I love to scrapbook, make cards, and basically anything that has to do with paper.  I was blessed with a talent to look at a project, take it apart with my mind and then sit down and make it.  I love to be a hands on kinda gal.  I love glue (DUH!), and glitter, and stickers, and well ALL OF IT!  So today I am thankful for my talents to craft.  And for the Handsome Husband who works hard so that I can indulge in that hobby.  And with that said.....GUESS WHAT THE UPS MAN BROUGHT ME TODAY!!!???

I am now a instructor with Stampin' Up (insert the MoTab hallelujah chorus).  I love their products, use their products, and love to teach scrapbooking and paper crafts.  So this is going to be the best of both worlds for me.  I just want to share my talents with others.  And this is a company I can stand behind.  So stay tuned for more about how to join me for workshops and paper classes this coming year.  And it doesn't hurt if you want to host a workshop then YOU can earn free product from STAMPIN' UP !


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