Bring'n Sexy Back...

Day 3:  Friends!  Every girl needs em.  They come is all shapes, colors and sizes.  Now let me say this, they are kinda like handbags.  Some of us need just one really good one.  Others like the flash of several.  But I have my 2-3 investment bags.  My Dooney and Burke.  My Prada.  And my Coach.  Then there are seasonal ones, they change.  And on occasion I go for the bling.  But I love them all.  A girl can never have to many friends, like handbags and shoes!

For day 4 of my GRATITUDE, I am going to go on about the Handsome Husband for a second.  I have been somewhat following the whole cardiac plan, and have not been a happy person about it.  I have NOT baked a single thing.  No Cupcakes, No Brownies, No Cookies, No NOTHING.  Well last weekend #15 asked for homemade biscuits.  I had to comply.  With her food allergy's, when she asks for something that I can give her I DO.  So I donned my favorite apron, dusted off my favorite mixing bowl and flour dusted the rolling board and pin.  And I was happy.  I was in my zone.  Then it happened.  HH walked up behind me and whispered into my ear, "your sexy when you bake".  I don't think you can imagine where that sent me!  I was doing what I loved and it was obvious to the people who love me I was HAPPY!
So butter my biscuit's sweetheart, I am back!!


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