Another Monday...

OK let's play a little catch-up...

Day 5:  Thankful for my dogs, all 3 of the silly beasts.  Lugnut is our oldest.  And has earned has keep, we have have spent the most on him and he is just irreplaceable.  He knew from about age 6 months old when I was going to have a seizure.  Coco, well she is our typical middle child dog.  Choc lab, over weight and totally social retarded.  Then there is Blu, my baby.  Beagle mix.  She is a fashionista, and sleeps in my bed with me.  But she also is a daddy's girl.  She sits on his lap around the fire and loves to hunt squirrel.  They are part of our family.  If you don't like them, then you don't have to come over.  This is there house and don't forget who is the guest here.

Day 6:  The vets who treat my pets.  We have spent allot of money of Lugnut.  He has twisted gut, eats poisonous frogs, and has been poisoned by the little old crazy lady who used to live next to my parents, and got viral meningitis.  Dr. G in Riverton took care of him every single time.  Coco is low maintenance.  But we have a vet who understands her anxiety issues and medicates our girl just so we can manage to keep her healthy.  Then Dr. J also treated Lil' Blu for the "psycho-O" psudo-pregnancy this past summer with a straight face.  There is also a vet who travels from Arlington, TX to the local Tractor Supply Feed Stores to provide low cost vaccinations for all pets.  Gotta love those guys.

Day 7:  Primary.  The children's auxiliary program for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Really, really.  I avoided serving in this position at church for many many years.  Yes I like children.  But not enough to serve them.  I know that sounds a little insane.  But when they asked me this time, I was like oh OK I can do that.  Went home and kicked myself in the head!  But really as I have served these young, tender hearted children of Heavenly Father I know I am where I should be at this time.  And they act like they like me, so maybe I smell like cookies!

Day 8:  My ability to learn.  I don't have allot to say about it.  But to be able to continue in a never ending quest for more, well WOW.

So there I am caught up.  It was a whirlwind weekend.  And one that was filled with peaks and valley's.  I have decided to start taking my medication "as directed".  But here is why, a very small friend of mine has seizures also.  He has has been having a whole lot of problems.  Well his Mom took him to the big childrens hospital and they got to see the cool doctors.  And come to find out he was taking his right meds the wrong way, (not his mom's fault).  But I take my my right meds the wrong way all the time (my own fault).  They make me very tired.  (in my little grinch voice...GRRRR "I HATE PILLS")
So I was triple playing at night and having my seizures in the early early mornings.  So what was happening was the Peak and Valley effect, I know about this possibility.  Last week was FULL of the peaks and valley's.  But I am back on "as directed".  So if I am tried, please don't be offended, I will be sleeping allot this next week or so till they balance out.  Friends Renee and Anja even said a week ago in Primary I was "way off" and "a little edgy".  Now they know why.


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