I hope you DANCE...

Good Day fellow bloggies! I found this video thru DOOCE this morning, and well it just has made me feel good. Dance is on our minds this month in a BIG WAY. #11 has to get back into the "step" from her summer break. I (ta-da hear them pigs flying) will be taking an adult tap dance class. In fact I even bought my shoes and just need to go get the taps on them and tuned. #11 needs her new ones tuned as well.

I took in some much needed retail therapy yesterday with #20. After sharing a healthy lunch at the "Slobster" we went on the hunt for a new set of sheets for the now spare bedroom. The set I found are microfiber. I like the way they feel, but in all honesty I don't know if I would be able to sleep on them. Given the fact that since my little heart fart, my hot flashes are outta control. But I like the color and #20 bought a set also, she likes them. Now here is where my heart just sang. I got a new pair of shoes, a new top, new accessories, and best of all a NEW Kathy VanZeeland handbag. I am supposed to go and have an all girls days on Saturday and want to look cute. Then I will be getting the Handsome Husband from the airport, yet again.

Handsome Husband has this very busy travel schedule this this month or so. He has a wonderful job that allows us the opportunity for me to stay at home. But I wish we were in more of a position to allow me to travel with him. This month he has returned to San Diego, and will turn around and head up north to Canada. I loved it the spring of 2003 that I accompanied him to Banff, Canada. The stayed at a 5 star hotel, something I have never done in my life. We ate some mighty fine meals, I relaxed in the most luxurious spas I have ever been too, and that is where HE became a sheet snob. You see I had always just purchased the "Bed-in-a-Bag" sets up to that point in life. But OMGoodness, have you ever slept on 1,000 count sheets? Now he refuses to sleep on nothing less than 800 count, like I said a SNOB. That was a wonderful trip, except you see the Handsome Husband does not DANCE.


Jerushia said…
huh...learned something new. I didn't know tap shoes were tuned. ella really liked the video :)

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