Wrinkled Ladies

Well a friend of mine from up yonder north (that would be Wyoming) found this video and I have been laughing all morning! Ain't this the truth girls? We do, and buy, and even (gasp) surgically alter our bodies seeking the ever elusive fountain of youth. I love this video.

Did my morning work out and decided to try one of the Subway morning breakfast sandwiches made with egg whites. Ummmmm.....Gross. I'll stick to my 2 eggs and 2 slices of whole wheat toast or oatmeal. I was just in the mood for something different.

On the kid front, #11 is back in dance and that is taking up our Mondays from 4:00 till 8:00pm. #15 has Band on Mondays till 6:00pm. Not hard, but time consuming. Tuesdays are quite, HOMEWORK and Laundry. Wednesdays, pageant dance for #11 and church youth night for #15. Thursdays are hip hop/jazz for both #11 and #15. Fridays are Pep Rallies and Game days. I had a friend state that she see's me as a very busy Mom who also enjoys myself on the back porch with a cool drink today, LOL. Not enough of the later lately. It has been so very hot here, still.

Last nights walk at dusk was nice. A cool breeze picked up on my return back to the house. I have been taking lil' Blu with me on my walks. Since her psyco-pregnancy she has gained allot of weight and for a dog her size that is just not good. Sounds kind of familiar, huh! Well I am off to get going. Ya know how I was speaking of needing to find something creative to do? Well I decided to re-decorate the room that #20 vacated when she got married in June. Oh and BTW she is doing great as well as The Macho Man. Happier than little pigs in stink as my Mama would have said. Cute little wrinkled pigs.


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