Deep in the HEART of Texas...

Part II
So let us revisit. I have had an echo cardiogram, A nuclear scan, and a stress test (this one cracks me up just a little). I have mitral valve leakage, atrial fibrillation, and a borderline number of 63% that I do not understand. I have to ask myself where does that leave me now? First it was the diet. American Heart Association has a very strict cardiac diet that I am on. I can also report that I have now lost 12 pounds. But it is more than being on a diet, I look at my food differently. Do I want to eat that and why do I want to eat that. So I have gone back had had that little chat with Doctor Huba Huba, (cause he is so very tall and handsome). We'll just call him Dr. H (for heart, right? NOT) We chat about this and that and then I fire away in my not so passive aggressive way, WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME??? I am only 41 for crying out loud. He informs me that I have a cholesterol count of 360, a starting weight of 236 (yep, that's right, I have to honest with myself so I'll be honest with you too, *sigh*), and a very high risk family history. He is going to write the orders for an angiogram. Now if your not familiar with this little test they will be running a catheter up my groin to my heart with dye to see if there is any blockage. Sounds fun, right? NOT! That will be this coming Monday. So till then, I have a ton of stuff to get done. It would appear that the recovery is worse than the procedure. I have to be still, on my back, and not lift anything. For about a week. Yea, that's not gonna happen. But I will do my best. Maybe it will give me time to finish editing #20's wedding pictures and start my summer reading list!

The one good thing I am enjoying out of this at the moment is learning to cook and bake in a low fat, lower calorie style. I am enjoying the taste of fresher foods. And my colon is happier. Have a great day everyone.


Julie said…
Good luck with everything. I hope that you get better soon. Our prayers are with you and the family.
Renee Campbell said…
Ah Dee, We love you so and while I know this time will pass by slowly in another 10 months or so we will be shopping for some hottie clothes to celebrate your health!

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