Come and get it???

OK so here I am posting on and on about HEART HEALTH and Google Ad Sense is running PORK commercials! WTH??!!

Well back to reality. I have had the heart catheter, and I have NO BLOCKAGE. YEAH!! Now from here what does that mean? That I still have to lose the weight, get my cholesterol down, and find an exercise program that I can live with. What they called it is unstable angina. I have a nitroglycerin spray for such times that it creeps up on me, and know when to go to the ER. I can manage that. My Grandmother on my Mom's side had her first heart attack at the age of 40. For the entire time I knew her she had her "pill box". It was a little gold box that pined onto her shirt at all times. That and the Kleenex stuffed between her bra strap are such fond memories from my childhood, ones I don't want my grandchildren to have of me!

So hopefully I will resume my normal posting, with quips and blurbs about life here at Casa Loco, and ones not centered on my now morbid obsession with my ole ticker.

School started yesterday. As I was driving to the hospital for the procedure I realized that #15 and #11 were getting themselves ready for their first day without me. I cried a little. They really did not need me. They got up, packed their lunches, made it to the bus, and went on with their day. Wow. I know I should be feeling proud, and I am, but I was not there to take the "First day of School" picture. And felt to crappy today to do it today. So next week I am demanding a do-over day. On Monday morning I will make their lunch, stand outside and take the photo, and wave all the way down the street as they leave for school. Embarrass them like I am entitled to. I'm the the Mom, I can do that, I say so!


Julie said…
We are all entitled to a "do-over" day. Go for it. I am glad to hear the good news and hope for the best that you are able to do all that you need to do to get yourself back on track. Love ya and wish I was closer to help out with the exercise.

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