Trinkets and Tokens of Affection...

My good friend Charly experienced her first real boy crush this past week related to me by her Mom my good friend Renee. When I asked her about it her grin went from ear to ear and you could just see the blush start to spread. This has gotten me thinking about young love, crushes and all that we grow up expecting as girls to young women to mothers.

The first real "CRUSH" that I can recall was in third grade to the cutest boy named Scott. He was a much older fourth grader but we were in a combination class, 3rd/4th. I received from him the very first trinket, a small silver and turquoise ring. And I wanted to marry Scott. Much later my first real boyfriend gave me a gold necklace with onyx beads for Christmas my freshman year of high school. His name was Kevin and I just knew I was going to marry him. Then by my junior year I was in love with a boy named Matt and received a locket from him. I was going to marry him as well. I think I was more in love with the idea of being in love than love itself. I still have all three of these little trinkets in my jewelry box today.

But the tokens of affection that I value the most are here in my home, in my heart. They are the three daughters that I am a mother to. And the man I love for giving them to me is a man who has helped me to become the mother that I am today. When he married me he asked #19 for her permission, she was only 2. He is far more understanding, flexible, capable, forgiving, trusting, loyal, and loving than I ever give him credit for. He has raised these girls to be the kind of women who will make a difference in the world around them. They are not afraid to stand up for what they know is the truth. They are virtuous women and girls. They teach me to be a better woman.

So with tomorrow being Mother's Day I do not need flowers or chocolate (but they do help). All I need is my family. They are my wild flowers in this vast pasture of life. Little tokens of love, gifts not to be taken granted for. With that said, thank you Handsome Husband for allowing me to become a better woman, wife and mother. Thanks #19, #15 and #11 for the opportunity to be your mother. We have had our ups and downs, our ins and outs, our all arounds. We always come right back to where we began, with each other. Family are forever and I am so glad that your mine.


Renee Campbell said…
Beautifully written lady! Happy Mother's Day, we love you!

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