Missing in Action...

That right folks I am missing, missing my life as I knew it. I am in the middle of the wedding upheavel of the century as far as I have ever know. I am not discounting any hell that you kind folks have even been to and come back alve, just mine right now seems bigger and bigger with each passing day. But we are on the count and the clock is ticking down. The day will come and some things may not be complete, but they will be no less or more married than if it was all done and tied up with string.

My garden is growing like crazy I ate the first of the banana peppers tonight and counted 8 eggplants. I have cucumbers blooming and bees buzzing! The pool is up the lawn is mowed and I am tired.

#11 has had her final dance recital for the season. She did wonderful this year. #15 is finishing up school with steller grade and is hoping to get by this summer under the radar as it will be her last free summer! Because next year 16 and gettin a JOB!!!! Speaking of jobs I took on the fun task of doing the photography shots at The Dance Studio for all the dancers in the spring show, WOWZERS! What an undertaking... but here is #11. I can share hers.

Have a greatday and I try to find my way home back to the keyboard a little more often.


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