Well spring has arrived. I have have been an absent blogger. Yes I was, it wound up being pneumonia. But THEN....it warmed up. And 2 things happen in the spring, I get dirty and cut my nails off. I have been so busy, up to my ass in alligators really, in my gardens. I have neglected them very badly for the past 2 years. So much has been required.

In wedding news, the date has been set.....(ta-da) June 12th. And when her dress arrived this week on Wednesday all the dreaming and best laid plans of a mother became a crashing reality. I went to bed early that night and wept. Where have the last 20 years gone. I know this sounds so cliche. But here is my little birdy. And she is ready to leave my nest, I am not as ready as I have pretended to be for the past year to have her gone.

So in celebration of the Easter weekend we will be having dinner with our good friends. Watching General Conference online this year will be new for us as I shut the cable off when school started last year. That was one of the best ideas I have had in a long time by the way. And tonight, well we are going to meet the new in-laws for the the first time.

PS - I do not like the idea of being a MOTHER-IN-LAW.


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