Have I done any good in the world today...and Happy Earth day!

If saving mean nasty turtles count, than yes I have. Several years ago when we first moved here to Texas my friend Rosie and I would stop and save a turtle from sure death. She taught me that they WILL pee pee on you so hold them firmly but away from your body. And for the past 4 years now we do that, we see a turtle and if we able, we put him back in the safest place we can find. # 11 has always loved turtles. Do you remember the story about the Clever Turtle? It was one of her fav's of all time. And we have spent more money on the little yellow bellied sliders at trade days than I care to count. But we still save turtles.

All has been good, until today when we meet this mean nasty fella. He is a snapping turtle. And I now know not to mess with them. Then can move pretty fast. And see that beak like lip of his, it can take your whole finger off if your not careful. Now that is NOT what happened to us, but we made him pretty mad for sure when we tried to pick him up. His head came out about 4-6 inches and he has a tail that he will rear up on and kinda hop at you with, he kinda scared the Poop outta #19, LOL. I am sure glad I had my camera. AND the good lens. There was noway I was getting close to this one. I think we shall call him grumpy, after Grampy. They seem to have allot in common. Have a great Thursday friends.

PS: If you have a chance go and see the new Disney Planet Earth Today, Is is on the Oceans of the World. Saw the previews and it looked FABIITY!


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