Friday already...

this week has zip zip zipped by. Spring is here, even if we did have a dip in the temperature mid-week. So thank you Ms. Sunshine for gracing us with your presence. I have 4 raised bed garden in. Lettuce and cucumbers are in the ground. I have a 6 pack of Beefsteak tomato's and a 6 pack of yellow banana peppers ready for the soil. I have a passel of seeds and here is where I get scared. I HATE TO PLANT SEEDS. I let you in on a CRAZY little secret...I forget what I have planted and hate the ugly little plastic tags or seeds packets messing up my nice and neat garden beds. Am I crazy or what. OK you don't have to answer that one.

This afternoon was frustrating to say the least I broke out tiller, but...I fixed it too. I also changed the oil. But DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT TELL the Handsome Husband or my Dad. They are men and would just cringe and then pull it all apart only to find that I did it right then be even more pissy. You KNOW what I am talking about. I You Tubed it. "How to fix...on this type of rota tiller" AMAZING!

So I also had to bribe my #11 with an ice cream if she would help me out this afternoon, for the love of something good to eat later on! I had to explain to her that I am doing this not because I enjoy it but because it will cut down on the grocery bill later this summer, never mind that organic veggies are so much better for you!

Well this weekend should be fun filled and action packed. Sister #2 will be here and we are going to plan the family bridal shower for #19, this is getting real really really fast boys and girls. I guess that is why I am throwing myself into all this manual labor, I can't think to hard when I work. It should be fun, up in Oklahoma City. So ta-ta for now have a great weekend yourselves!


Renee Campbell said…
You forgot the part where you smarted off to the cop, LOL. I can't wait until all of our gardens are nice and bushy full of veggies...mmm Okra, hopefully I haven't created a dislike to them by then =).

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