All is well. Meet the prospectives, played in the dirt, took part in creative photography, listened to General Conference and tomorrow is Easter. What more could a girl ask for...? I am content at this very moment in time. I am in love with my family, all of them. I have a peaceful heart. I feel connected to the earth. This is my time. I am at peace.

But then again maybe it is because my Depakote levels are normal right now, but I will take it for what it is worth. I had a friend ask me about the mixed behavior and emotions her son was displaying after the adjustment of his, (he is only 4 0r 5 I think). I had to explain to her what it is like for me. And also had to add that if I had to handle this medication as a small child UNable to express what it can do and make you feel inside I would act out worse than I do too.

But TODAY was a good day, and now it is time to hit the sack. Nite all.


Renee Campbell said…
It's good to see you "you" again! I too will be in a Spring high with you! BTW I love that picture of the bunnies, too funny! Love you girl=)

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