Another Monday...

here we are with more spring showers. And I don't mind this time. I realized while driving home from Grapevine yesterday that Mother Earth has taken off that heavy winter coat of hers in exchange for a good ole rain slicker. I love the the metamorphosis of spring time. It felt like just yesterday that the drive down 121 South was so brown and barren. We make this drive weekly. And last week I noticed the green haze. And Yesterday in all of Texas Glory was the Blue Bonnets in full bloom. Now if we can catch a break in the showers I can get some pictures taken.

Last week was spent finishing up the veggie garden. And starting in on the flower beds. My Dad made a general comment on either Tuesday or Wednesday to me that I needed to walk away I was starting to OCD. I guess Mother Nature thought so too, cause it rained and forced me inside. So I did what any sound minded woman would do and left the house for some MeMe time. That entailed a pedicure, retail therapy, and more flower shopping. But for the love of Pete (who is Pete anyway??) when I did not take my phone with me on the last little jaunt of my excursion all hell broke loose with #19 who was away in Austin (where are you MOM??), #15 can you come pick me up (WHERE are you MOM), and #11 why is my snack not here and call Mom to come and make me a snack! (Called #19 and #15 WHERE IS FREAKING MOM)

I have no conclusions. They are either just really really lazy, or LOVE me so much that they feel a need to know where I am every frigging hour of every single day. And that does not sit well in my gut today all 2.5 of you who read me and chuckle now and again. I don't want a second chance to try and do it again and I don't want to run away. But I really would like to plant those flowers in the ground I bought. So I am off I hear the birds, yes, the same birds who are keeping me up night after night. And birds should mean sunshine, right.

PS: The Bride Wars was a great movie. Been watching "wedding" movies, and have this to say...Why do we set our daughters up for all that flufarah, the whipped lace and gazillion dollar dreams. A marriage is between a man, woman, and God. The Wedding is about fantasy. Girls this Mama is here to tell, Marriage is no fantasy. If your parents have the money to throw away, take a look at how many children right here in Texas will go hungry on the weekends when there is no school lunch provided for them. It is really making me sick. So much more could be done.


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