Another Monday...

Dear Ms. Sunshine,

WHAT the heck is up girlfriend? Are you having PMS? Cause seriously, I really need you right now. I need those golden rays of yours to shine down and warm my soul. I love you. I really really do. I know that I complain an awful lot in the the summer season that you are sooooo hot, but really do you have to be so fickle right now. Take some Vitamin D and lets get on with it.



So now that I have taken care of the complaint department on with life. Easter weekend came and went spent with really great friends. It has been a long time coming that we have been able to find friends that we share the same values with. You know the kind I am talking about. Sitting down to a shared meal together and not wanting the conversation to end. Everyone brings something to the table. Faith, Family and Friends. And when you can count those friends as family you feel that you have been doubly blessed.

I don't know how many folk know that I am a birth mother, but I am. And a very special set of friends are in the process of adoption. It has been an eye opening observation of the other side for me. A good one none the less as well. I love that life has a way of coming full circle in the the choices we make.

And speaking of babies they seem to be in the cabbage patch everywhere I turn around these days. I love babies, but with that said I have come to realize I am no longer baby hungry. I love other peoples babies. That is a new feeling. When Renee made her "announcement" I was as happy for her as I was for my own. I was never a "fruit of the earth" kind of pregnant girl, I was more of a compost pile. But I know this sounds kinda odd, I loved being in labor and delivery. I was so in charge of my body and what it was doing. More powerful than any drug, LOL!

I am off now to literally plant my cabbage. In the dirt. So that I can labor away in my yard. That is my powerful for me as well. Handsome Husband said this past week, "Girl, if you would just put this much effort into the housework it would be like living with Martha." Well guess what HH MARTHA does not live here.


Julie said…
I agree with you on the sun thing....I would love to be able to leave the house without having to tote a coat along because it is still SOOO cold here.
Renee Campbell said…
Oh Dee, I loved reading this post, I had so much fun...until....I made the whole Derilick my....comment, LOL. I will never live that one down =) A friend like you has been a long time coming!
Letherton said…
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