This is for the birds...

And ya'll know how I feel about the birds. I could just flip em one. Right there in the middle baby. I am sick, like real sick. I should go to the doctor but really feel to crappy to get up and go. That pesky little cold I was sniveling about last week, it has gone into my chest. And I have a fever. It almost feel like a "MAN" cold, you know the kind the world need to come to a halt while I cough, cause I AM SICK dang it. So this is short and sweet.

This week I attempted to substitute mayo for the eggs in a batch of brownies. All I have to show for that is a pan full of very greasy hockey pucks.

This week I did not do Laundry.

This week I did not even make my bed.

This week needs to be over, now. Not just in another day but now.

So that is it people, 2 crumby weeks in a row. Oh and do not forget to set your clock's ahead Saturday night. "DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME" We get to wrap up this crap with 1 less hour of sleep.


Jessica said…
This week you DID spend quality time with your friends. That's much more important than making your bed or doing the dishes in my opinion

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