I just thought you needed to know that. Right? Cause I am a Brain Injury Survivor. And that is why I started my blog. And I have allot to say. And I say it. And all 2.5 of you out there in bloggy land come here to my side of sanity to read about it. Right.

So I want you, if you have the gumption, to go here...


Remember how this works? Click on that up there in the color. It will take you to their web site. I want all 2.5 of you to go and read at least one thing about Brain Injury. Please?

I am mulling over telling my story. And here is why. Here, in my new home, people don't know the "ME" from that period of time after my injury. They look at me when I recant (for the um teen hundredth) time, that I have a Frontal Lobe, Left Side, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, like I am nuts. But they did not know me back 7-9 years ago. The me who had to wear them crappy Velcro sneakers because I wanted to be so independent and be able to put my own shoes on WITHOUT HELP. And that purple outfit consisting of the purple stretchy pants with the white and purple stripe shirt, I was so proud of that, I had picked it out myself. I could get it on and off, by myself. I wore it 4 out of the 7 days a week. I have my journals. Let me think about it. And maybe I will tell MY story in bits and pieces over this month.

But either way, please go visit the Brain Injury Association of America. If you have ever know anyone with this type of trauma, you understand. If you just scratch your head when I don't make sense, maybe you'll understand a little better. But go. NOW.

What are you waiting for?


Julie said…
I vaguely remember the you before the accident, but not right afterwards....but the more recent you and I am thankful for you. I am thankful for you friendship, understanding, and advice when I needed that most of all. You are who you are supposed to be and most of all I am thankful for your friendship. I miss that.

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