Another Monday...

and YUP you guessed it more RAIN. OK so it is more like spring showers out there but seriously, the wetness, the mud, the cold dampness, I could go on and on but I won't. It will help my flowers grow. I have Hyacinth's up and even one set of pink ones blooming. AND I have blooms on my Quince. It is still amazing to me what a difference a week and a little sunshine can do.
So I gave myself a week and some sunshine and mulled over that idea of telling my TBI story. And for the next three weeks, on Tuesdays, I will tell my story in three parts. Look at my header, right up there on the top of this little bog of mine. That is my disclaimer. Period.

I was amazed that I posted all 5 days last week. Cause truly and truly, last week was up there with the worst Top 5 Bad weeks of all times. It was one bad event after another and all seemed to criss cross over to an accumulative thunderhead on Saturday. I made it thru Sunday and even got thru conducting my first ever Sharing Time in Primary. That is the Children's Auxiliary Program at Church. I have been called to serve in the leadership of this program. I have dodged this bullet for the last 15 years of my life by simply telling them NO. But I have really felt impressed to soften my heart and follow what Heavenly Father wants for me. When I made that decision within my heart it was like an open invitation for havoc and stress to "shower" down upon me (wink*wink*).
But I have to say I have always feared small children, there I said it. I am "Me" I am fear small children. I think if you sweat under pressure and one droplet forms and fall's, they smell your fear and that gives them permission to go into predator mode, AND THEY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND TRAP YOU, AND TORTURE YOU, do you understand my fear? But something strange has happened, they kinda act like they like me. I get hugs, and they like to talk to to me, and one of them told me yesterday that I smelled good. Must have been the cookies I had for breakfast. I will have to ponder on this some more as I try to put together a better sharing time for next week.

Speaking of COOKIES, I am off to the sweetest lil ole town in Texas, Honey Grove. We and my best girls are going to make some Peanut Butter Cookies, So I best be gettin on, get gussied up and head on over there. I will post the recipe and pictures tonight.



Julie said…
I can't imagine that you are afraid of little were always so good with mine. But I won't trade you weather today. The sun is actually shining today, although it is still a bit chilly, I will take it. Perfect walking weather.
It's so funny that you posted this blog. It was weird, the very first day I was called as PP it was like all the children suddenly loved me and embraced me. Like Heavenly Father whispered to them that that was what I needed. Like I said before, you are like our Bonham version of Mary Poppins and the kids ALL love you!
Jessica said…
my little kids love you!
I am your latest follower from FF!!! Your blog is definitely informative, I will be hanging around for awhile.

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