Wonder Wanda Powers, activate!

OK so as a small girl growing up I wanted nothing more than to be a Mom like the lady down the street with 6 or 19 kids; always wore make-up (my Momma did not), always went to jazzersize (my Momma did not) and had her kids in bed and prepped for church on Saturday night by like 5:00pm (again, my Momma did not). She and her Wonder-Man would go on a quick date for ice-cream(well you know the ice-cream situation at my house) after all those kid's where in bed and a baby-sitter was secured. I wanted that perfeact looking life. The white house with dark green shutters, but I only wanted 5 kid's. But I really wanted that. I was even a nanny for about a year of my life after high school (you may have known that) and I LOVED it (bet you did not know that)! I loved cleaning our bathroom growing up, my Grandmother always bought my Momma guest towels at Christmas and I loved to clean the bathroom and make it "purtty" on cleaning days. I used to spend a considerable amount of my free time (pre-TBI) sewing and fixing up my own home as a young mother, on a shoe string budget. But that was before this thingy we call INTERNET!

This winter for the first time in a long time I have spent a considerable time allowing myself to DREAM about doing this again. So I have found the time to peruse bloggyland looking at allot of the blogs on home design for less, I have also narrowed it down to several of my favorites that you can find on the left hand side of my blog. But I came to a realization this weekend when I began my spring cleaning process, that I have better intentions than I have abilities. Yes I know I can look a project and recreate it without much instruction. I am a visual learner BTW. And I love to decorate. I also can love to LOVE the idea of things. And as such I have accumulated a whole lot of stuff, yet again. I recall to my Wonder Wanda image when I find myself like this and often ask "what would she do"? I never saw clutter there, not enough room with all them kid-o's I suppose! So tomorrow I will make the trip to Goodwill, drop-off, come home and return to my profession of Nerd-Herding, Kid-Wrangling, ie Mom Duties.

We have some changes here at the Casa Loco, and that's a whole different post. For 9 years we have been existing, recovering, and establishing the rank of Wonder Powers amongst the super hero's who live here. I have heard of the term borrowed time and second chance's. Both apply to this family. But we have enough love, faith and trust in each other and Heavenly Father to make them happen.