UPDATE: My Sister in Arkansas has offered me a copy of this AWESOME book. And my answer is YES YES! Please I would love this book for my shelf!

I feel I have been trying to play catch up with my posting. So I am giving myself a break and just posting about today. I got to have a "play-date" with two of the sweetest lil ole girls around. We made breakfast, read, read again and again, made some cupcakes, and then made lunch. Oh did I mention we read? I have a new FAVORITE book...PINKALICIOUS! It's about a little girl who makes pink cupcakes and just can not stop at one! (hmm sound familiar) She eats so many pink cupcakes she turns PINK! And even after Dr. Wink tells her, "NO MORE PINK CUPCAKES" she goes ahead and eats one more. I won't spoil the rest of the book for you. But if you have little girls, or just love books about cupcakes, I say go now!



Sounds like fun Dee! The girls love you so much, not that I blame them. You are pretty amazing! =)
Jerushia said…
We LOVE pinkalicious and purpleicious. But we've yet to get and read goldalicious!!!! Do you want a copy of your own...I have an extra.

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