This is gonna be short...

and wide, kinda like me. So if you are not thick skinned stand back and cover your ears. I have a Face Book and a My Space account. I got them to try and monitor what was going on in cyber land with my girls. #19 and #15 have accounts. I have been able to catch "things" and have had appropriate conversations with them. I have a very large extended family of siblings and in-laws and it's a great way to stay connected. I keep in touch with sisters from my church family. We live in a rural setting and sometimes it is hard to get together as much as we would like. I have been "un" friended, I have been told to watch what I say, my husband is in strong disagreement with the whole social networking application and the implication of wasting of time. But in the past month, I have come to realize that is a double edged sword. One of my daughters have caught flack up both sides and down the middle for decisions that are hers, with no respect from family members, as if she was their own child to "scold" and tonight I realized I now I have another family member who has "un" friended me. WTHeck?? I guess when you won't even come to my house I should have guessed, right. I know I say abrasive things but mostly it is in jest. So get on over yourselves people. (closing my eyes and wondering if I am going to regret this post) click.


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