I have an announcement...

drum roll please....!!!!
#19 is now an officially engaged to be married woman. She and her Manly Man will set an official date and I will have all the flowery details to come. I am not sure how I am feeling about all of this. Yes I am thrilled to death that she has found the peanut butter to her jelly. But am I really ready to become a MOTHER-IN-LAW. Will I be a terror? Will I be an enabler? I hope to be the kind of mother-in-law I have, but yet more involved than she is. I want to know how their lives are going without the details, BUT hey I love DETAILS!! Oh for love, more than I can mentally process. She has started a blog, follow along as she learns the skills I have failed to teach her this past 9 years. I am sure it will be a leaning experience for both of us. Speaking of which she made an AWESOME Chicken Marsala this week that was to die for. She is learning to cook online. Handsome Husband said and I quote "If your mother had had the Internet 17 years ago I would have never had to learn to cook for myself." So what is he saying I still can not cook?? Should I be offended?? We'll see.

Speaking of #15 and #11, well that is a deep subject for this shallow minded mother. I have spent considerable time this past 2 years trying to get they to step up to the plate of responsibility and become children who are respectful and obedient to the simple, basic needs of this family. Simple things as I see it such as laundry, clean rooms, picking up after themselves in the bathroom, and daily chores. I am failing miserably. I realize it is largely in part due to the circumstances of a mother recovering from TBI. I am not consistent, I yell, ALLOT. I procrastinate. How can I expect them to do as I say and not as I do. But last week when I asked #15 to mop the bathroom, AND SHE HAD NO IDEA HOW TO DO IT, I lost it. And I yelled allot. And LOUD. I am sure I can get there, that place where you know your kids will wind up being, you know, somewhat able to be members of society who have something of value to give. So I PURGED. 7 buckets of laundry, and about 3 bags to goodwill. It's a start. Right?


Julie said…
Holy Cow! That is such wonderful news for you guys. Tell her congrats for us and we hope that things go smoothly.

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