I never meet a DONUT I did'nt like, well except one...

I can not really believe I have taken a break from blogging for this long. Time seems to have slipped out from under me and between my fingers like the sands of an hour glass, and so these are the DAY OF OUR LIVES. *really???? You think I have gone all poetic on ya'll while I have taken this little reprieve o' mine!?? I am still as cynical and sarcastic as ever but whoya, and boy howdee life has thrown this ole gal for a buckaroo of a ride.

I am writing tonight from my throne, er um, bed propped on pillows with a 12 inch incision across my back on the right side, just figure where your ovary should be and go thru to your back side. It has been 11 days since this nightmare began and 6 days since my surgery. But God in Heaven tell me WHY they (the doctors) get in such a big dang whoopla of a hurry to cut out a tumor you have had for a couple of years, (even if it began to grow to the size of a "bear claw", their words not mine, I liked to refer to IT as my twin, um, I digress) while we now wait for a pathology report?? REALLY?? I wish I could do a composite sketch, cause in my mind I have a picture drawn of some little dweeb, eating skittles, sorted out by color, in a blue lab coat, debating on if today is the day he will look at my "bear claw".

I have to tell you I thought it was the anesthesia, hearing a nurse ask if I was the girl with the bear claw on my back, and then my primary care doctor called me at home the following evening and confirmed that yes indeed they were referring to IT as a bear claw. Now ya'll understand my relationship with donuts and I can safely tell you I have never been a fan of Bear Claws and will never be able to eat one from this event forward in my life, score one for the team!

I am glad it is gone. Now I can work in my yard with no more back pain. And there was a minimal amount of bleeding, they called it an Angiolipoma. It had its own little city of workers pumping blood to the thing and that is why is decided to grow, big, fast, big and fast, not a good combination when you are talking about any type of tumors. So as I sit here upon my throne, I am still Young and Restless, feeling left out As the World Turns, know that I am not Bold and Beautiful but rather scared and kinda ugly, I need to get up and out of bed and away from that Guiding Light..Mama aint ready.

to be continued pending pathology (I just had to throw that in there for shits and giggles)


Julie said…
Hey, I am sorry to hear that you are under the weather. I AM glad that you are feeling better, as you shine through in your post. It is never fun to have any type of surgery and I hope that you have a speedy recovery.
Jessica said…
What's the pathology result??

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