Well today is a non-eventful mark in time. It was 9 years ago this morning that I slipped, fell and altered my life. 9 years, that would be like 63 in dog years. A lot has happened. A lot as passed me by. But none of it really matters in the end. Here I am. A better person. I still struggle with many little deficits that can make life inconvenient. But the pay-off had been well worth it. So I sometimes still put the milk in the stove and try and bake my cupcakes in the cupboard, but the folks who live here at Casa Loco know when its time to check my steps and re-direct my direction. Today is a fine example of over-everything. I have been running hard for about 3 weeks straight now. No "down" days have been taken and now the toll is being collected. Christmas is like 2 days away. I avoid shopping like the plague. I hate to shop with a "plan". I like randomness so much better. So you might just be getting a no. 2 pencil from me this year, ;)

I tried to pick up "Pioneer Woman Cooks" last night from the book store over in Sherman, HA! That was a joke trying to visual-ly sort the books that where in no order what-so-freaking-ever! So aghast, I go cook book less one more day.

Christmas Eve dinner has to be planned out. The Handsome Husband likes to consider his self a food snob on such occasions. I just don't think the budget is going to indulge him this year. I believe a simple meal of broth and bread is in order, NOT! In my dreams, that is what we would be having. We are fortunate to be able to fill our table with more than enough. We will share our meal with the Missionary's from church and maybe a friend or 2 or 3 or 4, MORE! I love to feed people.

*Note to Renee...My camera is acting up. I have the bugs worked out. And will post pictures just as soon as I get them uploaded.

I am getting very close to my 100th post. So lets have a party here at Scrambled Brains! I would love to hear your ideas, leave me some comments. I am looking forward to 2010. Many things are up my sleeve. Keep checking back, often. I think I will be having a GIVE-A-WAY!

I love the saying YESTERDAYS TOMORROW IS HAPPENING TODAY, so live it up! You never know what lies around the corner...


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