Making my job easier and not any worse for wear...

This is #11, she had her tonsils out this morning. And for the love of sleep, why do we always have to be there, ready to go at the butt crack of dawn, and wait? And then wait some more.
She did exceptionally well. She did even better than Dr. Saltz expected. Hardly any bleeding. I was prepared for everything, except, the weepy sobbing child who woke up in the recovery room with a night terror. I know she has these very vivid and dramatic dreams but never expected her to have them under anesthesia.

One interesting point of the day was while feeding her ice chips I had thought she drifted back in slumber (OIE, did I just use that word, I hate that word). And then it happened...her pointer finger extended and she tapped the edge of the glass and without speaking informed me that she needed more ice chips. And the reason I say this was interesting, while taking care of my Mother in her final days we feed her ice chips, lots and lots of ice chips. She would extend that pointer finger and tap, for more. And with that extended finger I knew for an instant that my Mom was there today watching over #11 and making sure I was doing my job.


grandmahelen said…
I'm glad she's doing relatively good

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