K*I*S - M*I*F*

Keeping it simple, making it fun. That is just what we are going to do here in this ole house of mine for the next couple of days. I have been shopping for the past 2 days, and here for the whole world to hear is this little ole declaration...I will not put off my shopping next year, and I will have a list. Now with that said, understand I do and say this thing every single year. I love all the fun of Christmas, but really and truly in my heart I hate to give and receive gifts on a "have-to" basis. When I see something that makes me stop and think of you I like to buy it or make it. And then I like to give it to you, just because, not cause I have to. I wish Christmas celebrations could be gift-less.

And I am a little sad this year, the magic of Santa is a fading memory for my children. I cried a little bit over that yesterday.

I have seen so many postings of what the decor is doing in so many homes this year from the trees to the stockings. So I think, after the stuffing is done, I will post pictures of our tradition...so till then Ho Ho Ho!

OK you have to run, not walk to BAKERELLA's site, right now, just do it! OMGoodness, I want to live there. And not have one single calorie count. Oh and BTW Handsome we are so making some of those GINORMOUS Nutcrackers to scare the beejeepers out of #19 next year!


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