His name was Whimpy...

From the comic strip Pop Eye, "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." He was my Grandpa Steve's favorite comic character. And Grandpa also loved hamburgers. So this one is for you Gramps...
The IN-N-OUT Cheeseburger, Animal StylelukE (tm), the Brother, Animal Style
California, Day 1
To exhausted to think right now. So let me just say this. The ugliness of greed is an evil thing. I do not love all the family God has given me right now. This should be a time to celebrate the life of a man, but it is turning into a circus of grief and stress.
I hate to fly. I will never get used to it, even though it is better than driving, I still hate it.
Time to sleep, more California Adventures await.


Jessica said…
Why can't in-and-out just be all over the place????

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