Get your CAJUN on Girls...

it was a HOT time in B-Town! Friday night was the first time we have ever hosted a "Cajun Christmas". It was sure fun to read up on Cajun traditions, I had to stop myself at the music, :(

Jill and Jarod

I am a lover of most all types of music but that was one jumba I could just not get down with. All the B girls were here except friends Renee and Nate. Whilst they tromped through the snow and froze their tushee's off we were all hot and spicy from the inside out! Jill and Jarod filled their chairs and we had so much fun.

#19 and Phil

Yes-E-Ka, "Dirty Santa" refers to the naughtiness of stealing away the white elephant presents from each other. While we were planning on wearing ugly sweaters, it kinda fell thru at the last minute. But Joe was a good sport and modeled his for all us to ooooooh and aaaaawwwwwh over. It was a very pretty ugly sweater, LOL.

Jessica and Joe

Can you believe I failed to take pictures of all that food is its awesomeness??? 12 pounds of shrimp, 6 pounds of sausage, 10 pounds of potatoes, and corn! We never even made it to dessert.
Anja and Keith

This guy here, right from Lousianna. Keith said is was good, and he ate ALOT. So I take that as compliments to the chef. Now last but not least we let Renne and Nate enjoy a little alone time under the Christmas tree, although they did not eat much, I am sure they had fun too!

Nate and Renee in Plastic

Merry Christmas to all and to all Lots and Lots of Heartburn!


Jessica said…
I never got any heartburn!
Awww, sounds like it was a blast!!!What great company

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