Falling off the wagon....

and into a mountain of laundry is not the way to start off the week. I have fallen off my FLYING lessons. Whilst the whole fam-damily was home over Thanksgiving break, I broke routine. And that my Internet friends sucks. I now have more laundry (sigh, again) than Imelda has shoes. And I have not made my bed for a solid week. So I guess I better kick it into to high gear and get functional this week. I am hosting a cookie exchange this coming weekend and want to also have my kitchen painted.

But here is the weird thing. I have been perseverating on paint colors for about 2 months. (long story) I found the color on a plate, bought the plates, and have been kind of scared about painting my kitchen blue. You see I am a green girl. I have had green in my kitchen for the past 18 some years. I love green. But it is time for a change. MY hate-a-fair with blue has some pretty ugly roots. But I figure what a great way to work through all that with a blue kitchen, right?? Will last night #14 set the table and used the new dishes. And let me till you eating on blue plates felt REALLY REALLY weird. They are a soft robin egg blue. And it made my food feel weird. I know, I am crazy right? But seriously, thank goodness I bought these dang plates at the Dollar Tree, cause I don't think I can eat another meal from them. So I guess if I am going to paint the kitchen blue I better stick to getting plain ole white plates. OIE, for the love of a paint color, whats a girl to do?


Oh goodness! Those plates HAVE to go if your food feels weird on them. So back to the drawing board for colors? What about a blue/green?

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