Eating our way thru grief and pain... many memories and so little time.

Pastrami on Rye
so many emotions have to be shared!

mmmmm, how can something so good be so bad?

Just waiting to comfort my soul

and it would be a sin if you forgot the kraut on the Polish Sausage, again on Rye

this one in Norwalk had the drive thru right there in the middle of the building

yes, I believe I have found a little bit of peace ;)
I wonder why it is we associate food with so many memories and emotions in life. So much is wrapped up in the smells and flavors of my childhood. But seriously, we seem to make trips to California only when someone dies, and the food is such a comfort. I believe I will be trying to make a good Rye Bread when I get home and things start to settle down. I had so many plans for this week, things I wanted to get done, friends I wanted to visit with and our annual Mexican Christmas was going to be a Bebe Brothers house in Oklahoma. this coming weekend. So I am off Northwoods for dinner, Thrifty Ice Cream for dessert, till then hug the ones you love.


Jessica said…
To me Music brings up emotions and memories more than food

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