Baby it's cold outside...

It is snowing. I hate snow. I hate cold. Why did it have to go and ruin all the warm fuzzies I gathered last night? I attending a Relief Society Christmas Dinner in another ward that friend FGB played her Harp for. The dinner was wonderful, the music was inspirational, but most of all was that feeling I have not had since my old ward back home in Wyoming. The annual RS Christmas Dinner was always something I looked forward to. Since moving here to our small ward in Northern Texas there has not been one with the magnitude of service and effort from the sisters for each other. Now with that said I am prolly going to regret posting this. But I do not understand the lack of desire to work together and pull off a fabulous evening of wonderful food, decorating, and ambiance, of the spirit of the season. But I am grateful for the opportunity I was given by a good friend who was willing to not only share her talents with myself, but another ward as well.

I love Christmas music. Music can turn around my whole attitude. I get so swept up in the melody of notes, and the harmony of emotion, it can transport me to another time and place. Last night it took me to the very first concert I remember attending and feeling the music. There is a open air concert hall in Pasadena, California. I must have been only 6-7 at the time my parents took me. I don't remember what was playing, just that I remember the way the music felt. It affected me. I was talking piano lessons at the time but realized at that young age it wasn't enough for my soul. I wanted to feel the music. When you play a stringed instrument you feel it. I played the cello. I hauled that huge instrument back and forth to school in a hard case for 6 years. I gave it up when we moved to South Carolina, they had no orchestra. I regret that. I wonder if I would still be able to play? If I found a Cello and some music, rosined up my bow, would I still be able to feel? I wonder.


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